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Version: 1.23.5

Ruleauthors Rule Set

The rule authors ruleset provides rules that ensures good practices when writing detekt rules.

Note: The ruleauthors rule set is not included in the detekt-cli or Gradle plugin.

To enable this rule set, add detektPlugins "io.gitlab.arturbosch.detekt:detekt-rules-ruleauthors:$version" to your Gradle dependencies or reference the detekt-rules-ruleauthors-jar with the --plugins option in the command line interface.


If a rule [report]s issues using [Entity.from] with [KtNamedDeclaration.getNameIdentifier], then it can be replaced with [Entity.atName] for more semantic code and better baseline support.

Active by default: Yes - Since v1.22.0

Debt: 5min


If a rule uses the property [BaseRule.bindingContext] should be annotated with @RequiresTypeResolution. And if the rule doesn't use that property it shouldn't be annotated with it.

Active by default: Yes - Since v1.22.0

Requires Type Resolution

Debt: 5min