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Version: 1.23.4

Compatibility Table

Detekt Support Commitment

detekt is developed by open-source contributors as a volunteer effort. Due to our limited resources, we commit to support only the latest stable versions and related RC versions.

When opening Issues and Discussions, consider first updating to the latest version and align your tool versions with the one listed below. This allows us to offer you better support.

Tool Versions

When shipping the Detekt Gradle Plugin, we depend on both the Kotlin Gradle Plugin and the Android Gradle Plugin.

Those dependencies are applied as compileOnly (see here) to allow our users to pick the version of the Gradle plugin they prefer and don't impose the one we use inside detekt.

We try to provide backward compatibility when possible, although that's not always trivial (especially with AGP or across minor versions of Kotlin).

The following table lists the version of the Gradle plugin we used to compile the Detekt Gradle Plugin. The Java Target Level entry specifies the level of the generated bytecode (i.e. the -target flag used when generating bytecode). The JDK Version represents the highest version of the JDK we test our code against.

Consider aligning your Gradle plugin versions with the one listed below, as we can offer better support on Issues and Discussions for the listed versions of those tools.

detekt VersionGradle VersionKotlin VersionAGP VersionJava Target LevelJDK Version

(older versions are omitted for brevity)